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We offer a wide range of services to meet all you home and business needs. Whether you are a home or business user we can provide a professional and affordable service.

"When we had computer meltdown, CYAN Management rescued us with quick, attentive and professional service."

Rev. Ruddle

"CYAN Management have resolved some very difficult computer problems for me. I can recommend their service without hesitation."

Terry Beenham

Computer Repairs Essex and IT Support Essex
Our services

Providing efficient and effective computer repair and support and development services from our Chelmsford office, we actively support Small to Medium Enterprises right through to large enterprises throughout the UK. With 15 years’ experience and qualified staff we will work with you to keep your IT and Business strategies in line.


Helpful, jargon-free advice

If computer shops leave you scratching your head and you don't know your Megahertz from your Megabytes, Cyan Management can help. We will explain everything in plain English and help you get the most from your computer, or if it is your first computer purchase even advise you on what you need.


Initial set-up and data transfer

Setting up your first computer can be a daunting task, and if you're replacing your existing computer transferring all your data to the new one can be difficult if you've not done it before. We can transfer data, install the programs that you need, setup your anti-virus and backup solutions and make sure you know how it all works before we leave your house.


Full service and virus-checking

It's second nature to have your car serviced, and your boiler serviced, so why not consider a regular service for your computer. Cyan Management can check for viruses and spyware, check your disk drive for temporary files taking up valuable space and generally complete various housekeeping tasks to ensure your computer is running at its optimum performance.


Repair and replacement hardware

Whether it's a new graphics card, hard drive, or upgrade in memory, we can supply, install and configure new hardware.


Software installations

There are numerous software packages available for the home-user, from office suites (Microsoft Office), photo and video editing packages, genealogy software and many more too numerous to list. Cyan Management has many years' experience in many of these packages and can supply, install and teach you how to get the most out of your computer.


Printer set-up and sharing

Many families these days have more than one computer in the household, so why not share your printer(s) and save money on toner or ink, and of course space?


Home networks solutions

Connecting all your family computers into a home network will allow you to share printers, scanners, and of course files. Share your family photos, home movies and your music, and ensure they are all backed up to a single location. Cyan Management can assist with the setting up of home networks to get the most out of today's technology.


Home tutoring on today's technology

Over the past decade Cyan Management have assisted in explaining the basics, and even advanced features of much of today's technology. We have helped people to use EBay, Facebook and Twitter, coached in Microsoft Office to use word processing and spread sheet programs and assisted in setting up mobile phones, e-readers, digital cameras and camcorders and helped with digital photo and video packages.


Data management and backup

It is a sad fact that most clients only contact us AFTER they have lost their valuable data, such as family photographs and home videos. We will be happy to discuss suitable backup procedures and ensure your precious files are regularly protected.


Website design and hosting

Whatever your need, be it a personal web presence or blog, for your business, club or society, Cyan Management can assist with the design and setup of your website, and through our sister company chelmer.net, websites can be hosted on our reliable servers.


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