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New generation of Smartwatches only days away

August 31, 2013
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Smart WatchThere has been talk for sometime about the race between particularly Apple and Samsung as to who will be launching a smart-watch first, but it appears that we are now only days away from the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Gear, and leaked information suggests that it could be a nice piece of kit.

Likely to be Android Jelly Bean powered, and a phone companion, it is rumoured to be available around October, possibly at the same time as the launch of the Galaxy Note 3. The leaks suggest it will have 10 hours of battery life, 1Gb of RAM and 8 or 16Gb of storage, I’m not sure what it will add to a phone, other than perhaps the ability not to have to keep getting it out of your pocket to check texts, flick through your music, or perhaps post on a social networking site.

I’m concerned at the 10 hours of battery life. I wear my watch for at least 16 hours a day, and wouldn’t want to have to recharge it midway through the day, so I think that needs more work on it.

What do you think? Will you be rushing out and buying one and what price-point would make it a deal_breaker?

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